Jem Range

Some Items from this Category Include...

Arum Lilly and leaf (Life size set of 2)
Code: ACC331
R 38.00 incl. VAT
Cutter - Alphabet Cutter  (64 Characters Up/L
Code: BAK240
R 225.00 incl. VAT
Numerals No (0-9)
Code: CKDET012
R 45.50 incl. VAT
Rose Petals & Calyx (8)
Code: CKDET059
R 39.50 incl. VAT
Mixed Leaves (Set of 10)
Code: CKDET080
R 39.50 incl. VAT
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Jem Roller- Fabric & Floral
Code: CKDET1100
R 47.50 incl. VAT
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